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Continental Philosophy

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This is a community for discussion of continental philosophy, in the spirit of real_philosophy. Continental philosophy is broadly defined, but not limited to, European thought from Kant to the present. Movements include German Idealism, Phenomenology, Existentialism, Critical Theory, Deconstructionism and others. For a short introduction, see Wikipedia, although if you are posting, you should already have a grasp of the subject area.

Well reasoned discussion is required, with questions or topics for debate or discussion followed by one's own thoughts. Please lj-cut long posts or essays.

Furthermore, while we might admit the experimental, deconstructionist or "post-modern" nature of some of the readers we read, posting here shouldn't be an exercise in interpretation. If someone with an intermediate level of philosophical knowledge won't understand, at least explain your concepts. Or, explain why they are "unexplainable".

Also, relations and debates between Anglo-American or Analytic philosophy are encouraged, as long as they are grounded in a Continental text or thinker.

Please keep basic questions or free form, open ended discussions in philosophy.

(To be finished)